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Reportable Adds Reporter Database to Provide Targeted Distribution for Multimedia, Interactive News Releases

Boston, MA -- September 18, 2018 (Updated February 2019) -- Reportable, Inc.'s public relations software now features a global media database to put interactive multimedia news releases in front of the right reporters.

The media database lets clients search, filter and select from approximately one million reporters, influencers, bloggers, and contributors around the world who are relevant to the news. Users can view social media profiles and story history to ensure the contact is still relevant. In addition, clients can track which contacts are opening and clicking through to the news release. This influence how PR professionals follow up with media and is often predictive of news coverage.

"Spot news journalists overwhelmingly rely on email for pitches and releases," said Tom Baker, CEO and Cofounder or Reportable. "Multiple industry surveys, including our own, consistently show email is the preferred and most effective method to get news in front of reporters. This is despite a historical reliance on traditional newswires. Reportable now offers customers a way to get multimedia releases that package everything reporters want directly into the inboxes of the most relevant media contacts."

Reportable's new software lets customers quickly and easily build interactive, multimedia news releases. The software distributes announcements using the lede and link model whereby the headline, release summary, and embedded links funnel readers to an eye-catching and functional Reportable release. This makes it easier for your reporters to cover your news, get your audiences to take action, and for marketing teams to take advantage of web traffic analytics.

About Reportable

Reportable is a do-it-yourself software for communications teams to build, send and share multimedia news releases. The software includes a media database for targeted distribution of news releases; email open tracking and advanced web traffic analytics; monitoring of online news coverage; and company newsrooms. The Company also offers a premium media monitoring and analytics service, Reportable Incyte, which combines the latest monitoring technology with industry-focused analysts. Reportable was founded in 2016 in collaboration with Tanooki Labs in New York City. The first product sales began in 2018. The Company is based outside Boston, MA with operations in New York, NY and Ottawa, ON.

Key Takeaways
  • Integrated media database offers access to one million contacts across multiple regions and industries.
  • Users can quickly build targeted distribution lists for their Reportable releases.
  • Reportable releases can be delivered to the email inboxes of the most relevant reporters.
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Reportable's integrated media database lets companies build targeted distribution lists for their release.
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